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Happy 2016 and please allow us to introduce ourselves as the New Management of  At the risk of being pretty redundant, we want to remind you once more that JD and his saintly wife, Karen, retired from nutritional sales as of December 31, 2015.

Karr & Sharon Hendrickson, friends of, and fellow ‘Health Nuts’ like JD and Karen, will be operating and selling the Beta 1-3D-Glucan immune enhancer from this point on.



Who We Are:  We are also a longtime married couple, wedded waay back in the ‘70’s.   Karr is a native-born Arizonan who has lived, played, and worked in Arizona for all of his life.  Sharon, a mid-westerner seeking more sunshine, moved to Arizona in the 1970’s, met Karr, and the rest as they say is history.  We have three adult children and three grandchildren; all of whom we adore.

Together, Karr and Sharon formed a small painting contracting company and put their joint efforts into it for over 35 years. At the same time, Sharon developed a strong interest in continued education, nutrition, vitamins, and nutraceuticals.  For nearly four decades, she has been learning and developing a strong base of knowledge about the human body; What makes it ‘tick’, and how best to keep it well.  Therefore, the segue from JD and Karen to Karr and Sharon should prove seamless.  

** Keep in mind: We do not ever claim to be doctors or naturopaths and recommend that every person develop a trusting relationship with their personal doctor and always consult with them before embarking on a new health protocol.  We will be willing and able to provide you with additional information about Beta Glucan and have provided you with several links on this website so you can inform yourself and your doctor. 

Please also note that the economical prices we are providing Beta Glucan at have remained the same.  We will try to keep the prices low for as long as possible, with consideration for the inevitable rise in the costs of production, manufacturing, and shipping.   The payment system has changed (improved)  ALL SALES are processed through PayPal, an internationally trusted company that can provide both the seller and the buyer with additional internet security.  

Please feel secure using the PayPal site with your credit card.  Also, PLEASE set up your personal account and make sure you are a VERIFIED buyer with a CONFIRMED shipping address.  Once those two bits of business are taken care of, you can securely shop on this and just about every website on the internet highway. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you in your endeavors for a healthy, strong, and vital life.  Do not hesitate to email Sharon at: 

May God Bless You in this New Year. 

Karr & Sharon 




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