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Information on Beta Glucan & Radiation from A.J. Lanigan (Transfer Point, manufacturer) since the radiation crisis in Japan, dated 17 March 2011

I have reviewed a number of articles that are floating about on issues surrounding the radioactivity issues currently facing Japan. Let me say that a lot of the stuff you are seeing and hearing is hype and hysteria. Please take what I have here as more of a sane and factual base.

In a conversation earlier this week with Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, we talked about the recent events in Japan and what would be prudent to discuss as the many questions pour in about or product.  Below is the gist of that conversation.


Current situations in Japan have raised the possibility of a radioactive cloud reaching the US coast. We cannot help the Japanese fight the problems in their damaged power stations, nor can we influence the winds potentially carrying over radioactive clouds. We can, however, prepare ourselves for possible negative effects of radiation, both from the air and/or from contaminated products.


A major side-effect of irradiation is leucopenia, which is a strong decrease in the number of immune cells and second, a significant suppression of immunity. Numerous experiments performed all over the world have clearly demonstrated that glucan, taken either ahead of time or at the time of irradiation, can protect bone marrow and significantly improve recovery of bone marrow and other lymphatic organs.  This in turn provides the immune system with the support it needs to do its job, which is to keep your body protected against other challenges.


Glucan represents the most active natural immunomodulator known.  It is able to give significant support our immune system, regardless the cause of challenge; an infection, chemicals, or irradiation.  Clearly, now is better than ever to use glucan as an immune supplement.

 Beta Glucan and Radiation

Data represents a 4 mg / KG dose taken daily.