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After 14 years JD is retiring at the end of 2015. Products are on sale at lowest prices ever as long as supplies last.
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  • Beta Glucan, by Transfer Point, is high quality, potent Beta 1,3-D Glucan (Beta 300). Free USA & Canada shipping. BBB verified website, simple secure ordering & a family run business.
  • Why is Beta Glucan a great immune builder? Why Liquid Vitamins? How do they taste? Absorption? These and more "Essential" questions are answered here.
  • Research shows Beta Glucan is an powerful immune system supplement. Transfer Point 500mg Beta Glucan (#300) capsules consistently demonstrate effacy beyond other products.
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  • Update from A.J. Lanigan on radiation and Beta Glucan #300 in light of Japan's nuclear crisis, March 2011
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  • Information about Beta Glucan from A.J. Lanigan and Transfer Point. BBB company & free shipping
  • View this video animation explaining how Beta Glucan works with the immune system
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